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Will light steel rust? We reveal the secret as follows.

Author: Time:2019-03-20

Summary of information:


Light steel villa is a house building system with light steel keel as the main material which combine other insulation , decoration materials, integrated production and on-site assembly.Then, what is the sacredness of this "light steel"? Why is its bearing capacity and corrosion resistance so strong that it can keep the house from rain and wind for more than 100 years? Is that the higher the strength, the better?




The strength of the steel is not higher, the better

The strength of steel refers to the hardness of steel. The higher the value, the stronger the strength. The strength is also called the yield strength. Sometimes it is not the higher the strength, the better.Sometimes,it needs to choose different degrees of strength such as when it has stretching action, if you choose high-strength steel , it will crack.


Distinguish the difference between galvanizing and aluminized galvanizing


Light steel coating is divided into galvanized and aluminized galvanizing

Zinc plating: the amount of content, mainly depends on the value, generally using zinc 275 grams and 300 grams, the value is the content of zinc per square, the higher the content, the thicker the zinc layer.

Physical changes in galvanizing: galvanizing is exposed to oxygen in the air for a long time, and the surface will be black.


Aluminized galvanizing: referred to as AZ150, galvanized zinc is 2-6 times of galvanized anti-corrosion. The surface of the Aluminized galvanizing keel has no color change for a long time. In case of chemical corrosion, the surface reacts physically and forms an aluminum protective film on the surface of the keel. Separate the external chemical material from the keel to protect the keel body material and prevent rust.Therefore, high-quality manufacturers generally choose galvanized sheet steel.


Aluminized galvanizing steel sheet properties


1. Processability: Meet the requirements of rolling, stamping, bending and other forms of processing.



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