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Insect control for wooden house

Author:Chinni Loo Time:2019-04-25

Summary of information:

The insect control of the wooden house is one of the essential elements for its longevity.The main wood-eating insects are termites and beetles.Termites are more widespread than beetles.

Termites are social insects that live in seclusion.There are more than 2,000 species of termites in the world, and nearly 100 species live in China, mainly distributed in the Yangtze river basin and warm and humid areas in the south.Termites feed mainly on wood and water. Termites is photophobia, it is in the soil of the ant road when termites foraging. They often nest in wooden structures near water sources.Therefore, wood components in the kitchen, bathroom and other dark and humid parts are most vulnerable to termite erosion.

Common wood-eating beetles in China are the domestic velvet beetle, powder beetle, domestic beetle, and the long moth beetle.When the beetles is larvae,they live into a hole in the wood, then grown into a pupa in the end of the hole when old mature, finally bite out of an oval hole and fly away when adult emergence.Longhorns feed on the fiber of wood, and the main wood is casuarina and other hardwood.The powdery and worm-eaten scolytes feed on the starch and sugar of wood and mainly on the sapwood that damages broad-leaved trees. The larger tube hole oak, hickory, locust and other tree species suffered strongest.The larvae eat into the wood, leaving only a thin outer shell, surrounded by many small dense bug eyes, and surrounded by powdered wood chips.

The beetle mainly eats the wood with low moisture content, while the termite is only like damp wood.Therefore, the pest control measures to control wood and water, so reducing the harm of termites to wood has obvious effect.However, moisture protection on structure is only an auxiliary measure for insect control. In all areas with termites or beetles, wood structures and wood products should be equipped with insect control agents and treatment.

In order to ensure the durability of wood structure, all countries in the world have adopted the existing energy. Borophenol mixture, such as boric acid, borax and sodium pentachlorophenol, that is a water-soluble agentia.These chemicals are both preservative and insect repellent.


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